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Time saving

Forget worries about absenteeism and ongoing training needs. With unrivaled autonomy, the Chronopac ensures constant production while reducing the risk of errors. This release of responsibilities allows your team to focus on higher value-added tasks.

Cost savings

Compared to the costs associated with labor and the rate of preparation of pill bottles, the Chronopac performs at a much higher speed. By opting for our automated solution, you help increase your efficiency, which translates into a profitable investment.



The time saved takes into consideration a manual speed of 10 blister cards per hour compared to a Chronopac speed of 25 blister cards  per hour.

The production economy takes into consideration manual production time against Chronopac production time over a year based on salaries paid.

The VCC takes into consideration a time saving of 2 minutes per blister cards. Using the Chronopac reduces the time associated with correcting blister cards.


In my pharmacy, I have 200 blister card patients. Marie, my technician, manages to make an average of 10 blister cards per hour manually. Thanks to the Chronopac, it is possible to complete an average of 25 blister cards per hour, saving 624 hours of time per year. Considering a salary of $25 for technicians and $65 for pharmacists, I realize a production saving of $15,600 per year. In addition, in container-content verification (CCV), considering a saving of 2 minutes per blister cards, it is possible for me to save $22,253 per year for my pharmacists. My total financial benefit is $38,133 per year!



In my pharmacy, I have 200 blister card patients. Marie, my technician, spends around 5 hours per week managing the blister cards and earns a salary of $25 per hour. The cost of my prescriptions is $0.70 and my average number of Rxs is 8. Considering the salary related to the management of the CPO, if I multiply the cost of my prescriptions with the number of Rxs and the volume, my total cost per week is $1245. Per year, I pay $64,740 for the preparation of pill boxes with the CPO.


Calculator CPO

The CPO cost takes into consideration salary and blister cards volume.

The average Rx represents the average number of prescriptions.


Obtain financing

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The digital age is upon us. Give your business a way to be at the forefront of the industry by keeping up with the changes it imposes.


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